We are a Cyber Political Management Firm specializing in strategy and policy. Our Political Strategists have experience in Presidential, Senate and Congressional races. We are experts in foreign and domestic policy. Defense and terrorism. Geo political affairs and helped written legislation. Meanwhile offering political consultations to elected officials. We work with 501c3s and Political Action Committees on a contract basis. Our advisors have conducted work in the lobby field. We have on staff political operatives, campaign managers and we contract with a team of former criminal investigators for background investigations and political opposition research. Our staff includes graphic designers and videographers with  voice over artists. We network with conservative leaders such as the GOP and other Republican organizations when representing the client. We enter into negotiations with organizations and elected officials including donors and supporters to offer help to the candidate.

We also actively recruit conservative candidates on behalf of other organizations. Because we are partially funded by other organizations we can accept new clients at a low cost. However we are not a 501c3 or PAC. When accepting a client after a careful vetting, we start up the campaign from the ground up. Educating the client with a candidate clinic. We create a web page and social media and maintain it. We create all logos, graphics and videos. We maintain communications including calls and emails. We report quarterly reports and maintain audits. We recruit employees for the campaign including interns and maintain the budget. We consult the candidate, offering political advise. IPS organizes the ground campaign to canvass and perform phone banking. We also organize political mailers and political opposition. We are experts in organizing venue fund-raising. IPS prides itself in campaign management!

Contact us today for a quote. If you have no finances, no problem. IPS  will help start your campaign with minimal funding. We are most concerned about getting conservatives in office. It starts with you today! 

You never ran for office before? Well let IPS instruct you from point A to point B through our FREE candidate contender clinic. We will show you what it takes to serve in office and not just be a politician. We will instruct you in policy, public speaking, writing bills and campaigning. We are looking forward to meet you and our  instructors wish to see you succeed but most important win your seat in office!

No large retainers will be requested from you. Most campaign management companies request a $6,000.00 retainer and $1,000 a week or more fees plus personal expenses. IPS does not work that way. We offset the costs of your race by providing services outside the scope of your campaign. We want you to win with a budget!