Photography, Video and Commercial Ads

 Do you need your official photo done? We can come to you and take professional shots including B-roll shots and public events such as parades including video. You need to project your image for your PR and Marketing campaign. We discourage you using old photos or low resolution photos. If you do have existing photos that you like, forward them to us and with our software we can clean them up to portrait quality. They will be high resolution while fixing any blemishes or coloring. 


We take 20MP High Resolution Photos. We will take numerous stock footage to use in your graphics. ads and videos. This service is FREE of charge for IPS clients and we charge a fee for non regular customers at a reasonable rate.


Do you need a campaign video? Videos cost anywhere between $5,000.00 to $40,000.00. We can produce one with graphics including our B-roll for a few hundred dollars. This video is High Resolution 4K digital shots. Never produce a video off you cell phone. It comes out grainy and is not stable. For a small price you can have a beautiful campaign ad video!

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