We offer consultation when a crisis does arise. It's very important you structure your message strategically. You need to be direct and to target your message as not to offend any voters or to offer information to be used against you by your opponent.


Its very important to project confidence in your campaign. IPS can help you mold a message to win over voters with our "Promises and Policy" message that is very important to win the vote!


IPS will instruct you on how to gain support from local organizations, GOP clubs and donors. They will only invest in a winner. It takes hard work and many hours working the phones and doing outreach but this is what is necessary to win!


IPS works with attorneys to represent our clients in defemation cases, harassment and petition challenges.Our network attorneys also specialize in election fraud and election recounts. This is available in 31 states. We also work with law firms that offer "PRO BONO" work depending on the circumstances. 


 We instruct our candidates in public speaking. It's important to know policy and to stress that over and over as you don't want to deviate your message. IPS will show you how to be a polished public speaker using the proper pitch of your voice and stress points. IPS will instruct you on how to deal with the media as not to embarrass the campaign.


We are experts in domestic policy. We will show you how to push this message drafting your policy points for you. It's very important because the voter expects to hear what you will do for them.


A candidate should be well versed on foreign affairs and what's happening in the world. Our experts can draft you a guide to current events and provide you answers to any international crisis.


Many of our staff are military veterans and former members of the intelligence community. It's important you keep up to date with military affairs, spending and general knowledge of the military.


Its important that you are up to date with national intelligence. That you are proficient with knowledge of different intelligence agencies and how they operate. Most important, actionable intelligence. You have to stay on top of world events and how these to respond to a crisis.


It is vital that you keep up to date with Wall Street, the Fed and interest rates. The real estate market is very important. Pay special attention to government spending and tax breaks. IPS will show how to keep tabs on current events.


Your campaign has to be ready respond any social crisis events such as the current "No mask policy" You should know how to draft a message as not to offend anyone. We will show how to deflect any problems which would arise from those that paint you into a corner.


It's important to a campaign to respond to any political threats such as false information distributed or negative mailers. We will show you how to respond in kind attacking back to make sure they do not do it again. IPS contracts detectives that will vet your opposition, their family and friends. Any of their financial dealings and criminal history. Drug use and extramarital affairs. It all comes out for you to use. 


If you feel the need to have protection for any threats to you, your family or staff. IPS contracts with off duty Police Officers at a reasonable rate. They create threat assements and conduct security sweeps of venues including background checks of any campaign employees. (Checks are done by contracted detectives) They are armed and have powers of arrest. 


With a large majority of voters being of foreign descent we will show you how to develop coalitions within your voting districts. To identify and recruit local leaders and to have them work on your campaign as coalition leaders for Hispanics, Blacks and others. Many on our staff are bilingual in different languages including Spanish, Arabic, Farsi, Japanese and Mandrin (Chinese)