The next generation of on advertising is User-Generated Content. It helps you reach a wider audience. It paves the way to finding the right influencers, at the right time, on the right channels. It increases search engine rankings, credibility, and online visibility. It's peer-generated, which makes it a more trustworthy source, you! Just like selling a product, your political campaign. But people want to hear your appeal directly rather than a boring advertisement. Commercials are not personal enough and will not get you the donations that you will need.

This is how it works. Create a simple video talking into the camera. No fancy surroundings, backgrounds or B-roll. You can be in your office, kitchen or back yard. We will produce and coach your message. It's very important that you create newsworthy UGC to build up views and an audience to your social media. You can beat FaceBooks algorithms for exposure by tricking FaceBook that you are an advertiser. The more videos created the more exposure which means more follows and likes on your page. It's important you create 3 videos a week. They are simple to make!

We pick our creators carefully. Lightning-fast turnarounds to launch your content is a quick process around here. We’ll go from start to finish in just 1 business day. All we need is your video then one of our creative directors will edit the video including graphics and music. The idea is it to be catchy and fun. Something to remember. Our team is very good at what hey do. Their job is to sell you so that you may get elected. Let us help you by using this low-cost method of political advertising. Contact us today to see how we can help you!