IPS believes in transparency, yet, we value our security. Due to the nature of our conservative work, there are activist groups that target "high profile" strategists and operatives. IPS contracts with numerous political strategists and operatives on a as needed basis. They report to our central office operated by our management staff. IPS is split into 3 regions. East, Central and Western. Our Central region covers Canada for operations in that country. Each region is headed by a field manager that oversees operations. Upon a moments notice these managers can combine resources to work on a campaign that is in trouble.  IPS and its employees are NOT government employees and are NOT subject to FOIA, Freedom of Information Act. IPS is not a 501c3  and reserves the right to campaign or endorse any candidate it wishes. 

The CEO and founder created the organization to place conservatives in office that support the America First Policy. A former member of President Trump's election team in 2016 and 2020 he also worked numerous federal campaigns. He consults elected officials in crisis intervention. He is a published author and public speaker appearing on many news outlets. His vision is to help other conservatives. IPS contracts with dedicated and educated contractors  in the political field so they can offer the best advise and consultations to political clients so they can win their races. Many of our strategists and operatives have years of experience working candidates in federal races in the House and the Senate including President Donald J. Trump. Some of our team members worked on his senior staff for his 2016 and 2020 Presidential campaigns.

Let IPS help your campaign. We will give you an honest aassesment and provide you insight on your ability to win a race looking into many factors such such as demographics and voter turnout. Even when the cards are stacked against you and you are out spent, IPS has experience to win races using grassroots campaigning, targeted voting, coalitions and political opposition hits. Contact us today so we may help you win your campaign. We are fighters that win races!